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Who We Are: The Peptide Synthesis Company!Edit

LifeTein®, located in South Plainfield, New Jersey, was founded in 2008 with a simple vision: to increase both the quality and understanding of life one protein at a time. This philosophy has formed the foundation of every peptide, antibody, protein, antibody, and chemical project that we have completed for our customers in the academic, biotechnology, agricultural, government institutions and pharmaceutical fields. We offer a wide range of custom research services and a staff of scientists with the first-hand campus-core-facility experience necessary to understanding the role of peptide and protein services in large research projects.

8 Reasons to Switch to LifeTein for Peptide SynthesisEdit

Make LifeTein your trusted partner for peptide synthesis—save time, save money, see better results.

  1. It’s Never Been More Affordable: We offer a range of innovative, high-quality solutions to fit any laboratory budget. LifeTein's PeptideSynTM technology reduces the cost of total peptide synthesis so that we can offer you the industry’s most competitive prices.
  2. Save Time: You are tired of waiting. Your campus core facility may seem convenient and economical, but the cost of waiting for facilities to be available and re-running any misfires can add up. LifeTein's PeptideSynTM technology can save you hours, even days, of precious research time.
  3. Avoid Mistakes: We offer free aliquoting for your peptides. Aliquoting prevents the breakdown of peptides in stock solution that can be caused by repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  4. Focus on Innovation: Our rigorous quality control process guarantees that only correctly synthesized proteins are delivered so that your success is no surprise.
  5. Instantly Scale Up or Down: Our facilities and staff can produce libraries and simple peptides and fill orders of even hundreds of peptides on extremely short notice. Our infrastructure is here when you need it, and not draining your budget when you don’t.
  6. Ph.D.-Level Support: Our dedicated teams are committed to your successful peptide design (free), peptide synthesis, and antibody production to meet your evolving needs.
  7. High Peptide Yields: Breakthrough research by LifeTein has created the PeptideSynTM platform, which delivers peptides at high yields rapidly and high speed every time. We always deliver more peptide than your specified amount.
  8. Improve on Productivity: Get your drug discovered faster by using our proprietary peptide library technology for T-cell epitope and peptide lead discovery and characterization on proteome-wide levels.